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Rules and Regulations

  1. At no time will any Jeja (student) enter the Do Chang (school) with shoes on.
  2. Jejas who enter or leave the Do Chang will acknowledge with a Kyong Yet (bow).
  3. Jejas late for class will ask permission of the instructor to attend.
  4. Never question (contradict) the word of your Instructor.
  5. No jewelry or chewing gum will be allowed in class.
  6. Talk on the floor only when asking a question of your instructor.
  7. During the class period, there will be no talking or laughter.
  8. No profanity will be allowed in the Do Chang.
  9. When smoking or drinking with the Do Bak (Training suit) on.
  10. When entering the office, knock, Kyang Yet, and then enter.
  11. The Master Instructor will be addressed as Sah Bum Nim
  12. Black Belt holders will be addressed as Sah Bum
  13. Come to class in complete uniform
  14. Senior Belts holding class can give push ups if the Instructor is not present. If the Instructor is present and working with a different group the senior can give push ups.
  15. When sparring with Black Belt or Senior Belts, Display respect.
  16. Be considerate of other’s Equipment before and after class (Example: Sparring gear, kicking pads, weapons are not to be touched without permission of the owner.)
  17. After class Junior Belts should ask Senior Belts for help if needed.
  18. You will conduct yourself outside of class as a lady or gentlemen and a true Karate Representative at all times.
  19. Karate, or any other form of Self-Defense will be used only as a means of Self-Defense, to protect you, your families and the weak.

*Failure to comply with the above, could result in:

(A) Dismissal from class.

(B) Period of Probation

(C) Loss of Grade

(D) Loss of Grade and all activities

(E) Dismissal form Karate and all Affiliates.